How Window Washing Business Owners can Name-drop Their Way to a lot of Customers!

As everyone knows (or should know), getting customers is the most important ingredient necessary to building a successful window washing business. With that said, you should be looking at any and all opportunities to promote your business.

But…..of course, not every marketing technique works in the window washing business.

Here are a couple that will:

After you get done with the job and you’re sure your customer is happy, ask your customer who her neighbors are on either side of her house. She may even expand and provide you with more names, but the key is to just walk away with some names to mail a simple introductory letter which can be typed on your letterhead.

The letter should read:

Dear Mrs. Jones:

This is just a quick note to introduce my company to you. I own Crystal Clear Window Washing Service and I recently had the pleasure of cleaning Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s windows in your neighborhood of Haile Plantation.

I realize that cleaning windows is at the bottom of most people’s “to do” list, so help has finally arrived.

Give Mr. and Mrs. Smith a call at 256-555-1111 and I’m sure they’ll attest to the quality of the job I did and the care I placed on cleaning their windows.

Clean windows will make your home sparkle. In addition, I use a special solution that forms a protective barrier on the glass. This prevents minerals like Calcium and Iron to form and cause hard water stains which can make windows look ugly.

If I may be of service, this contentdon’t hesitate to contact me at 352-555-2222. I’ll rush over and give you a free “no hassle” written estimate with plenty of additional references you may contact.

My schedule is always 4 to 6 weeks backed up, but if you have a special occasion coming up, I can juggle my schedule to accommodate you.

Have a great day.


Steve Wright

Crystal Clear Window Washing Service

P.S. I am fully insured and bonded for your total peace of mind.

That’s the letter. Obviously make adjustments that fit you, and of course make sure that you get Mrs. Smith’s permission to list her phone number in the letter. Reassure Mrs. Smith that she’ll rarely get phone calls. It just doesn’t happen. The simple fact that you even list her phone number is enough to make a prospect believe in you.

You can take this marketing technique one step further and get a mailing list for that zip code area where you did Mrs. Smith’s home.

The key is to be a name dropper. A prospect’s resistance to you or your company will drop if they know you took care of someone they personally know or at least have heard of within their subdivision.

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